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The danceit bundle is a service provided by Blue Budgie Sp. z o. o. Our specialists deal with contact with the organizer and provide comprehensive assistance in configuring the danceit system for each competition - from the local mayor's cup to the world championships 🏆 We help you to make first steps with the application and offer ready-to-use solutions that you will love ❤️

What's included in the bundle ✅

  • preparing a form enabling organizer adding a competition to danceit
  • providing documentation and training materials
  • dedicated consultant responsible for contact with the organizer
  • email contact providing support before and during the competition
  • helping to set up the competition at every step, answering organizer questions, providing instructions
  • monitoring danceit infrastructure during the registration process and the competition

What's not included in it ❌

  • competition configuration, entering data
  • checking the correctness of entered data (e.g. compliance with organization regulations)
  • assistance in solving hardware or technical problems not directly related to the functioning of the danceit application (problems with the browser, operating system, printer)
  • preparing diploma templates, display layout, visual personalization of the application
  • changing the application source code, adding new dedicated functions
  • direct contact with dance schools, judges, instructors (if there are questions on their part, the first line of contact is always the organizer, who can ask questions to his dedicated consultant)