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Organizing an event where every single performance dances to its own different song can be challenging. Choreographer of the dancer number 361 is requested to bring the music to the DJ, because we don't have it yet is a sentence that is heard over and over again, causing unnecessary schedule delay, dancer stress and general chaos. The music feature in danceit is designed to solve this problem once and for all.

How does it work?

When submitting a performance to a category, the dance school can upload the music file. The organizer can then quickly download it together with all other MP3s and deliver a beautifuly prepared package to the DJ.

For which categories the music feature is enabled?

Whether uploading music when submitting a performance to the category is possible or required is determined by the organizer in the category settings. When it is required, the dance school will not be able to submit a performance without uploading the music.

When dance school can upload the music?

If the music is required, the dance school have to upload it when submitting the performance. If it is not required, the dance school can upload the music at any time before the competition starts.

No matter if the music is required or not, the dance school can later add or update the music at any time until 00:00 on the day the competition starts.

When organizer can download the music?

The organizer can download the music from the 00:00 on the day the competition starts. Until then, only the dance school can preview it and the organizer only sees whether the music has been sent or not.

This allows instructors to update the music even the day before the event and at the same time protects the song from leaking. Effectively, the organizer gains access to music only when it is needed, just as when in the past it was delivered on CDs or pendrives to the DJ on the day of the event.

How the organizer's music package looks like?

The ZIP package contains a folder for each competition day and hall with folder for each category inside. Categories are ordered and named exactly as they appear in the schedule. If there are more than one round for a category, the order of its first round is used.

Inside each category folder there are music files ordered accordingly to the start number of the performance. The file name of each MP3 contains the start number, performance name, dance school, city and country.

Any change in the schedule or performance list is automatically reflected in the music package, so as long as you download it after the last change, you can be sure that it is up to date.

The example structure looks like this:

Dance It Out Champs Prague 2024/
├─ Hall A - Sunday 01/05
│  ├─ 1 - Street Dance Show Formations Children Beginners
│  │  ├─ 101 - Mini Fruits Team - Fruity Fruits - Wrocław - Poland.mp3
│  │  ├─ 102 - Boston Celtics - NBA Team - Boston - United States.mp3
│  │  ├─ 103 - The Dancing Pandas - Panda Dance - Beijing - China.mp3
│  │  ├─ ...
│  ├─ 2 - Modern Groups Adults Open
│  │  ├─ 127 - Leave Us Alone - Shy Crew - Prague - Czech Republic.mp3
│  │  ├─ 128 - The Last Dance - Ghosties - Cracow - Poland.mp3
│  │  ├─ ...
│  ├─ 3 - Electric Boogie Solo Juniors Masters
│  │  ├─ ...
│  ├─ ...
├─ Hall B - Sunday 01/05
│  ├─ 1 - Hip Hop Duos Mini Kids Beginners
│  │  ├─ 304 - Joe Blake & Jane Doe - M Squad - Berlin - Germany.mp3
│  │  ├─ 305 - Adam West & Bruce Adams - Chaps - Barcelona - Spain.mp3
│  │  ├─ ...
│  ├─ ...

How long does it take to download the music package?

It depends on various factors like the number of performances and the network speed, but in general it takes less than a minute to download a music for a whole day of standard competition with 1500 dancers.