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Questions & Answers

Here you will find answers for some common, more technical, questions dedicated for users who already play with the danceit. If you are interested in more general information about the app or you want to know our offer, please visit FAQ section in our homepage.

How to add a new competition?

To submit a new competition to our database you need to have a special 6-digit code that you can get by writing an email to Our staff will provide you all the necessary information and help you process the request.

Can I chage the competition length?

Sure! While you can do it on your own in case of shortening the competition just by changing the dates in the basic competition data module, you will need to contact us if you want to extend it by writing an email to

What if the name of such a dance school already exists?

Each dance school in danceit must have its unique name so if there is already a dance school Crazy Bananas in danceit and we want to add a second school with the same name, danceit will not allow us to do so. We follow the rule first come first served.

To resolve such problem, it is enough to be a little bit more creative while naming a new dance school, so Crazy Bananas Crew or Crazy Bananas 2 will finally pass.

How individual can register to the competition?

The only way to register for a competition in danceit is to do it as a dance school. This means that if there if a dancer or couple wants to start in the competition, they must contact their dance school and ask them to register them.

However if dancer is not a part of any dance school, he can still add one and register via it. The name of such dance school can be the same as the name of the dancer or a little bit more creative if he only wants so.